Business Update – August 25 2021

The FDA has now granted Pfizer and BioNTech full approval of their COVID-19 vaccine for persons aged 16 and up. This means this vaccine has met the agency’s standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality. This approval was based on close examination of six-months of follow-up which revealed no additional long-term safety concerns. This approval may now spur major companies to require employees to be vaccinated. Based on clinical studies,…  Read more

5 Most Common Accounting Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Business

Many small business owners tend to handle their own accounting and bookkeeping, especially when they’ve just started out. However, keeping track of the finance-side of the business– everything from income to expenses to tax compliance– can be overwhelming. Mistakes can happen quite easily and can have costly consequences to your business. Below are five of the most common DIY accounting errors that you should avoid. Unorganized Records It takes excellent…  Read more

“We have a new website!”

Exciting News! Bookkeeper Buddy has a new website! Welcome to our new website! We’re really excited to launch this site and we hope you like the fresh look. After a few months of planning and editing, we are very proud to reveal the results. The site features a crisp, new look, striking images and a stunning color palette… so it’s safe to say we’ve improved the design all round. This…  Read more

Welcome Aboard Stephen Sill!

Hey Everyone! We are proud to say that Stephen Sill has joined our Bookkeeper Buddy Team! We are thrilled to announce that Stephen Sill has joined the Bookkeeper Buddy team serving as a Client Service Specialist. Stephen has his Masters in English Literature from Hofstra University and over 13 years solid experience in the accounting field. This enables Stephen to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table as he…  Read more

Organizational Saturday for an Inspirational Monday

Planning to Prosper Today is my organizational Saturday so I can have an inspirational Monday I’ve worked from a home office for years now and love it. I love the flexibility and how I can create my own space to work in. Maybe you are just now finding yourself working from home and it seems a bit overwhelming. I totally get that. It can take a bit of adjustment time…  Read more

3 Top Bookkeeping Tools to Help You Get Your Life Back

Does this sound familiar? You work hard. Real hard. As a service contractor, you pour hours every weekday into your business plus far too many nights and weekends. Is free time something you only dream about? Can you even remember your last real vacation? Is it hard to make and keep plans with family and friends? Hopefully, that’s not you. But if it hits home here’s a good question… is…  Read more

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